Monday, January 21, 2013

Catching Up

It has been busy around here with the holidays.

We had a fun Christmas. Santa brought Cache some clothes, Avery a Cinderella dress and necklaces, Caleb 'I Spy' books, and Cole a remote control helicopter. He also put some little toys and treats in their stocking and we gave them a few other things as well, but their favorite gift was a Wii. It has been a lot of fun and something that we can do together as a family.

We had guests for New Years, and all of the cousins were able to be together. Jessica's family stayed at our house and Becca's family stayed at my Mom's. We spent a lot of time together and had lots of fun.

This isn't the best picture of all of the kids, but with that many it was hard to keep them still.
Avery and Brooke (Jessica's daughter) had so much fun together. They are only three months apart and enjoy all of the same things. I couldn't believe how well they played together, once they warmed up.

Cache was three months old on the 12th. I think if he wasn't so gassy he would be pretty happy, but as it is he is pretty quick to smile and a lot less fussy than he was. His siblings love to make him smile and talk.


Trotts said...

That is such a cute picture of all your kids. Caleb's face has to be my favorite though. And I love the 2 pictures of Cache.

The Higginbothams said...

Those pictures of Cache are ADORABLE! I couldn't help posting one on my blog. :)

Eilene said...

I'm behind on my blog watching, but I sure love the pics. That Caleb!, and the one of the girls is adorable.